Best Torrent Sites 2024

Find the World’s most popular torrent sites of 2024. The list of torrent trackers base on UK, USA, Australia and other English speaking country data is regularly updated with latest important information taking in account it’s frequently changes. Find your favorite torrent tracker or website and download music, games, software and movie torrents.

The Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2024
Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Status
1. The Pirate Bay 290M Online
2. YTS 115M Online
3. RARBG 113M Online
4. 1337X 90.5M Online
5. Nyaa 64.6M Online
6. Torrentz2 61.5M Online
7. EZTV 47.2M Online
8. LimeTorrents 28.9M Online
9. TorrentDownloads 18.5M Online
10. 18.5M Online
11. DemonoID 15.5M Online
12. Zooqle 14.9M Online
13. iDope 11.3M Online
14. TorLock 7.7M Online
15. YourBittorrent 6.9M Online
16. TorrentFunk 6.9M Online
17. TorrentLeech 6.8M Online
18. 21Torrent 5.2M Online
19. 4.8M Online
20. Mac Torrent Download 3.5M Online
21. SeedPeer 3.3M Online
22. Mac-Torrents 3.1M Online
23. isoHunt 2.2M Online
24. Monova 1.9M Online
25. TorrentBit 1.9M Online
26. Mininova 1.2M Online
27. TorrentProject 0.5M Online
28. ExtraTorrent - Offline
29. KickassTorrents - Offline
30. Torrentz - Offline

* Users data taken from

The World’s largest torrent sites

Top torrent sites

The world's leading torrent trackers number of sites dynamically changing in a short period of time. The various national authorities in trying to fight copyright infringement especially in United States and United Kingdom. However, there are also successful examples, which are able stand up for many years to offer a variety of file sharing without interruption. The most of popular torrent trackers websites offer file download without registration in a site.

In recent years status of best torrent site is frequently changing. The leader has too much attention and issues to take care. Even the traffic is huge and there is a possibility to earn lot money on advertisement it is not easy to be sable with it. There are many examples with already closed websites. The simple rule applies like that; If the website is ranked to TOP 10 best torrenting sites than it has to think more about security, stability and how to stand alone with power of different country governments.

Here you can find short summarized description for currently the best torrent sites:

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and most famous torrent site globally. This site many years is fighting with different countries authorities to be closed but still luck is on its side. The Pirate Bay has old fashioned design and has not the biggest torrent file availability but its millions of loyal fans key site extremely popular till today. Page link:


YTS torrent website has well-structured file library with movie screens, descriptions and posters. Current version of YTS is a clone of well know YIFY website. Find and download torrents you are looking for from well-developed site. Page link:

RARBG torrenting website become a huge international torrent network with many visitors from US, Canada and other coutries. Site's main focus is on quality. Movie torrents are very high quality and it will take a while before you will finish downloading files. Page link:


1337X stand together in line with currently the best torrent sites. Recent site visual improvement gives to 1337X more stability and security. Torrent site has all popular file categories and provides extra filters for movies, such as year and genre. Overall you can try to find here some older torrents in more than 10+ million file database. Page link:


Nyaa Torrents is a largest anime torrent content provider in the world. Nyaa in recent years after included to torrent database TV and movie content. This database extinction lead to more visitors globally. Page link:


Torrentz2 torrent search engine is a fresh copy of torrent page, which was the most visited torrent page for some time. It’s a good replacement with the same site design and functionality. Currently Torrentz2 has more than 60 million indexed files and most of them are in movie category. Page link:


EZTV torrent site main focus is on TV content torrents such as documentary movies, TV shows and series. This is the biggest TV torrent source currently available worldwide. Some year ago EZTV had some stability problems but now it is working well and providing latest TV video content to site visitors. Page link:


LimeTorrents torrent site stays in best torrenting sites for several years. It has more than 2.5 million torrent files with regular updates on daily bases. Website is easy to navigate and provides clear information for file availability for torrent downloading. Page link:

Torrent Downloads website is fast and safe with big torrent database. It has surprisingly similar responsive design to recently closed KickassTorrents. Page link:

Torrent metasearch site provides fast result delivery in similar way as popular web search engines for movies, music and other torrent files. If you would like to search files in one place, then use this site. Page link:


Forum based torrent site Demonoid is actively visited from USA and Canada. Website provides high quality torrents and opportunity to have short conversation about them in well visited forum. Page link:


Zooqle could be the best place to search TV series torrents. It has regular updates and calendar base search to find latest TV series online. Zooqle has millions of just broadcasted episodes and movies in comfortable site design. Page link:


A new iDope torrent search site has clear focus on usability. Website has prepared special mobile app to makes comfortable for searching torrents anywhere. Otherwise site is fast and similar to other torrent search sites. Page link:


TorLock is one of the best torrenting sites if you would like to avoid fake or harmful content to your computer. It has active moderators how like guards are reviewing the content before it is available for downloading. Security has high importance for this website. Page link:


YourBittorrent sites provide fast and user friendly website navigation with grate search functionality. To protect site visitors, some file types cannot be uploaded for sharing to avoid negative experience. Overall it is good and reliable torrent source. Page link:


One of top torrent websites TorrentFunk provides option to download secured torrent files. It has trusted users who are giving to uploads special icon by which it is possible to recognize. Page link:


TorrentLeech torrent database can access only site members and have option to safely download latest movies, music or software torrents. TorrentLeech is one of the exception in this top torrent sites list as it is invite-base website only. Page link:


21Torrent sites provides clean design and fast website search for movies, TV-show, music and games. 21Torrent is an evolution of OnTorrent where all similar functions were found. Page link: has millions movies, software and music torrents available to downloading. Site design clean and focus on search. Page link:

Mac Torrent Download

The best torrenting site for Mac related content could be - Mac Torrent Download. Torrent catalogue spitted by many categories so that it could be easy to find necessary torrent. Page link:


SeedPeer has over 3 million torrent files including most popular file categories such as movies torrents. Feel free to search for them. Page link:

Mac-Torrents torrent website is specialized for Mac OS and iOS Apps related content. Defiantly this is the best website where to search some important Mac torrents. Page link:


Popular isoHunt torrent site have option to search movies by actors and file quality. These unusual search options gives additional value to site visitors in addition basic search capabilities for such type of torrent sites. Page link:


Fast growing torrenting site Mininova has well developed file database with good enough torrent descriptions. Here you could find all most popular movie titles and other files. Page link:


TorrentBit is a grate torrent search engine and it’s one of the best undiscovered torrent download sources currently online. Here you can easily find your favourite movies, music, games and book torrents. Page link:


Mininova torrent website has fast performance with a user-friendly interface. Mininova torrent database has a large amount of video, audio and gaming torrents. Page link:

TorrentProject is a popular torrent search engine who indexing not only files titles but goes deeper and looks inside torrent file. Currently it could be one of the fastest torrent sites where is collected information from over 250 torrent trackers. Page link:

Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites

Sometimes it not enough to say a number of torrent site visitors to understand the scale of P2P file sharing popularity. Here is a chart of 10 best torrent sites to evaluate how many millions of users really are downloading torrents on monthly bases.

As we all know that torrent websites are the best place to search and download popular movies, games or music files for free, and here we see the real picture of biggest players in this area. Torrent basically is a file extension for Torrent Clients and if website has more active visitors and torrents got more seeders as well as leechers. As a result download speed and file availability is much higher compared with smaller website provided content. This is the key reason to use the best torreting sites.

Torrent sites popularity 2018
Nr. Torrent sites Alexa Rank Popular site in
1. The Pirate Bay 165 Australia, Sweden, Spain, Saudi Arabia
2. RARBG 301 United States, India, Australia, France
3. 1337X 323 India, United States, Saudi Arabia, Italy
4. Torrentz2 355 United States, Italy, United Arab Emirates
5. YTS 486 India, United States, Egypt, South Africa
6. EZTV 984 United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada
7. LimeTorrents 1294 India, United States, Australia, South Africa
8. Nyaa 1545 Japan, China, United States, South Korea
9. 2018 India, United Kingdom, United States, Australia
10. Zooqle 2351 United States, China, India, United Kingdom

* Popularity data taken from

Some countries have more population and in some countries top torrent websites are blocked by government. Here we clearly see key countries how are using actively torrent websites.

Torrent pages that no longer works

Several world-class torrent pages face some challenges and try to overcome them with migration of domains names or server location change. However, not all torrent sites managed to survive.


One of the biggest torrent sites ExtraTorrent was established early 2006 and within several years became world's largest torrent site with many visitors globally. Due it popularity it had several issues with domain names and law in some countries. Biggest value of this website was database with torrent files preview images. Unexpectedly ExtraTorrent closed its website in May 2017 without any special notice.


For many years KickassTorrents (KAT) website was world largest torrent site where possible to find anything you would like from HD movies till popular software. Closing KickassTorrents was challenging due many available mirrors worldwide but after all it was successful. Core of site was closed in 2016. Still some minor site mirrors are online but they are not big players in this market.


Torrentz was the largest meta torrent search engine. It simplicity in design and search was the key factor of reaching millions of people. It didn’t host any of files so it helped a lot when site goes down for torrent downloading. After all Torrentz was unexpectedly closed similar to other popular torrent sites. Within short period of time there was opened a sit copy under Torrentz2 domain name.

Also: BitSnoop, OnTorrent

Torrent site legal warning

While P2P file sharing technology 100% safe and widely used daily by millions of people, many of shared files has potential copyright issues. website is sharing just list of website where many of torrent files are available, but downloading or uploading copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit in many well developed countries such as USA, UK and Canada. There are many examples where people are forced to pay copyright holders and make serious financial damages. Use P2P file sharing sites carefully; protect yourself with best VPN providers and antiviruses to not be in trouble.