Most Popular French Torrent Sites

Have a look on most popular French torrenting sites in 2024. Current list is updated with latest information to make sure that you are getting most visited torrent sites and downloading high quality French torrents. Half of site list websites required to sign in before downloading movies, music and other files from best French torrents sites. Most of them are highly visited from Belgium and Canada too.

French Torrenting Sites of 2024
Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Registr. Status
1. Torrent9 39M No Online
2. T411 37M Yes Online
3. Cpasbien 28.6M No Online
4. ZeTorrents 3.7M No Online
5. NexTorrent 2.4M No Online
6. Lien Torrent 1.7M No Online
7. Elite-Tracker 0.93M Yes Online
8. Ethor 0.57M Yes Online
9. OMGTorrent 0.53M No Online
10. QcTorrent 0.44M Yes Online
11. MegaTorrent 0.33M No Online
12. FrenchTorrentDB 0.22M Yes Online
13. Jeux Torrent 0.18M No Online
14. HD-Only 0.18M Yes Online
15. Limit of Eden 0.13M Yes Online
16. Freedom-HD 0.12M Yes Online
17. Mononoke BT 0.03M Yes Online
18. PlanetDoc 0.02M Yes Online

* Users data taken from

Top French torrenting websites

French torrenting sites

Torrents are France are quite popular even government try to fight against some big website for copyright information sharing. Simple site visitor also is no protected against authorities as downloading illegal content can face some problems with local legislation. Most of French torrent sites are well established and have a lot high quality content in French language. Popularity of these websites is stable and not dramatically decreasing. Even now there are several video streaming sites who provides legal content with not high cost subscription.

Here are top French torrent sites with short descriptions:


Torrent9 is the biggest French torrent site with largest movies, games and music torrents catalogue. Its database contains more than 2 million high quality torrents which are available for downloading with high speed. Some time ago popular website SmarTorrent start redirecting its visitors to Torrent9 and this action has given more strength as leading torrent tracker in French language.. Page link:


One of the biggest torrent sites T411 has many good and qualitative torrent files. As additional benefit this website has high visited forum community with over 5.5 million members from France, Canada and Belgium who can give valuable advice almost in any area. T411 is strictly monitoring users ratio. Page link:


Cpasbien is a large French torrent site with many new and older French movies. Here could some file which you couldn’t fine in other similar websites. Cpasbien biggest disadvantage is too many advertisements, sometimes it even hard to use it without ad blocker. Page link:


A lot of movies, games and music torrents can be found at ZeTorrents website. This torrent tracker has clean design in result it can provide high performance. There are more than 12’000 movies including large library of documentary movies torents in French language. Page link:


NexTorrent similar to other French torrenting sites delivers well managed file catalogue with torrents. Its torrent files are reviewed before publishing to minimize bad quality files and offer trusted torrents. Page link:

Lien Torrent

Lien Torrent site provides access to many popular movies and music torrents in French language. Movie category provides option to filter them by genre and other simple parameters. Page link:


The biggest and most visited private tracker Elite-Tracker can be accesses only by invitations. Here you can find only high quality video content like HD and Blu-ray. It is mandatory to share files and have personal ration on good levels to be part of this website community. Page link:


Ethor is a grate private torrenting sites where possible to find many movies, TV series and other torrents. Most of Ethor users are based in Canada, so the best speed for downloading torrents can be achieved from torrenting in Canada. Page link:


OMGTorrent torrent site has outdated design and adult advertisement on website but beside this it has well established database with many French movies and series torrents. Even with these minuses every month OMGTorrent sites has solid amount of visitors. Page link:


To start using QcTorrent there are two options. First you can pay, second you can get invitation from someone to get latest French torrents. Members are active and this is the main reason why QcTorrent is still alive. Page link:


MegaTorrent torrent site is popular among French language speaking like Canada, Belgium and of course France. I has music, games and many movies in good HD quality. Page link:


FrenchtorrentDB is one of the oldest private French torrent sites with many members. Some short time ago it had some internal problems and which faced as site move to another domain with minor changes in content and design. Page link:

Jeux Torrent

Jeux Torrent website provide file sharing for games. Here are game torrents for all popular gaming platforms like PC, PS or Xbox. It could be good place to search and downloading latest game torrents. Page link:


HD-Only torrent site domain name already is explaining this private torrent trackers key value. High standard of video content uploading, preferring HD only, and good ratio for site members to get all benefits of this site. Page link:

Limit of Eden

Limit of Eden is good private torrent site with good community who has reached member limits. You could be lucky if find the way how to get in there and exchange with torrents. Page link:


Private torrent tracker Freedom-HD not surprisingly does prefer HD movies in French language. This site is not much visited compared with other but who knows, maybe it has something you are looking for. Page link:

Mononoke BT

Mononoke BT is a private Anime torrent tracer for French speaking users. Site is not big but loyal members are updating content actively. Page link:


E-learning content private torrent tracker PlanetDoc has many video tutorials and documentary movies. If you are willing to know something new PlanetDoc can help you with torrents. Page link: