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LimeTorrents torrent search engine site is similar to other torrent websites, but this site the biggest advantage is to show the availability users who are sharing this torrent before downloading movies, games or music. Often is a situation that lacks sharing users and very precisely indicates this important torrent information and feature also makes this page one of the top torrent sites for file downloads and sharing. The website is popular in United States, Australia, Canada and other countries even in many of them you have to search for LimeTorrents proxy to unblock it.

Alexa ranking:1'294
SimilarWeb ranking:2'679
Monthly visitors:28.9M*
* Visitor data from
* Alexa and Similarweb global ranking data

This site managed stay another year in the list of the best torrent websites. It has easy to navigate design with over 2.5 million movies and other torrent files. The site is growing month by month with high quality content standards and proven activities. LimeTorrents movies provide high quality releases from SD to HD and even UHD video quality. LimeTorrents search engine is also famous for music and games downloading.

Here you can search easily for torrent content and stay secure at the same time. It could be grate Extratorrents and Torrentz2 torrent website alternatives. If in your country is not available, the best way to unblock could be using VPN services as many of proxies could be with security risk.

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LimeTorrents torrent search engine