Most Popular Movie content sites

In today's digital age, movie enthusiasts have a wealth of online resources at their fingertips to delve into the world of cinema. Whether you're looking for reviews, ratings, box office stats, or social networks to share your movie experiences, there are specialized websites to cater to every need. Here’s a detailed look at some of the best websites for movie content.

Global movie content sites 2024
Nr. Movie site URL Monthly visits
1. IMDb (Internet Movie Database) 490M
2. Rotten Tomatoes 72M
3. Letterboxd 33M
4. Metacritic 13M
5. The Movie Database (TMDb) 18M
6. Box Office Mojo 7M
7. FilmAffinity 32M

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These websites offer a rich tapestry of resources for movie lovers of all kinds. Whether you're seeking critical reviews, box office stats, social engagement, or detailed film information, these platforms have you covered. Dive into these sites to enhance your movie-watching experience, discover new films, and connect with a global community of cinephiles.

Local movie content websites

Global and Local movie content sites

Of course, the most comprehensive information about films is available in English. However, there are also popular local movie pages that provide quality content in local languages about movie actors, ratings, and descriptions of their movies. Here you can see some of the local popular movie pages.

Local movie content sites 2024
Nr. Movie site URL Language
1. Lithuanian
2. Czech
3. Polish

Check out the brief descriptions of each of the mentioned movie pages:

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

One of the most popular sources for movie information, IMDb offers detailed cast and crew lists, user and critic reviews, trivia, ratings, and box office data. is a popular Czech movie website, offering comprehensive film reviews, ratings, and industry news. It serves as a hub for film enthusiasts in the Czech Republic.

Rotten Tomatoes

Known for its aggregate critic and audience scores, Rotten Tomatoes provides reviews, ratings, trailers, and news about upcoming movies and TV shows. is a Lithuanian film database offering extensive information on movies, TV shows, and series. It features reviews, ratings, and user discussions, catering primarily to Lithuanian-speaking audiences.


A social network for film lovers, Letterboxd allows users to log, rate, and review films, create watchlists, and follow other users' activities. is a Polish website dedicated to film. It offers reviews, ratings, and discussions on movies via comments, along with information upcoming releases and movie tops.


Aggregates reviews from critics and users for movies, TV shows, games, and music, providing a metascore that summarizes the overall critical reception.

The Movie Database (TMDb)

An open-source database for movies and TV shows, offering detailed information on films, including cast and crew, reviews, trailers, and user-generated content.

Box Office Mojo

Specializes in box office revenue tracking, providing detailed box office performance data, release schedules, and financial analysis.


A recommendation and review site where users can rate and review films, create lists, and find movie recommendations based on their preferences.

These websites are excellent resources for a wide range of movie-related content, from detailed filmographies and reviews to industry news and box office statistics.