Mac-Torrents torrent website is one of the best Mac torrenting sites. This website is divided into two main torrent categories. First one is dedicated for software torrents for Mac OS or Apps and second one is for Mac game torrents. Mac-Torrents site has clean minimalistic website design but with a lot of hidden advertisements and ad blocker could be very helpful.

Alexa ranking:13'343
SimilarWeb ranking:25'811
Monthly visitors:3.1M*
* Visitor data from
* Alexa and Similarweb global ranking data

There are not many torrent sites who are serving only mac torrents so it could be one of the best recourse for searching and downloading torrents for Mac OS. Website has many visitors form US, UK and other countries.

The biggest Mac-Torrents competitor for this website could be Mac Torrent Download, which is developed in similar way.

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