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See qualitative Latvian torrent site list of 2024. Unfortunately, most of these websites required registration for torrent downloading. This torrent page information is regularly updated with the latest torrent tracker pages’ information. Find you’re interested music, games, software or movie torrents in Latvian or Russian language at the biggest list of LAT torrenting sites in English.

Top Latvian Torrent Sites of 2024
Nr. Torrent sites URL Registr. Status
1. Yes Online
2. Yes Online
3. Yes Online
4. Yes Online
5. Yes Online
6. Yes Offline
7. No Offline
8. No Offline
9. Yes Offline
10. Yes Offline
11. Yes Offline
12. Yes Offline
13. Yes Offline
14. Yes Offline
15. Yes Offline
16. Yes Offline
17. Yes Offline
18. Yes Offline
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Top Latvian torrenting websites

Latvian torrent sites

Currently, Latvian torrent trackers sites quantity is reduced, however, it is also successful examples, which are able to offer a variety of file sharing without interruption. Since 2009, the Latvian government authorities began to fight copyright infringement, which has contributed to several major Latvian torrent tracker websites shut down. currently is the biggest torrent tracker in Latvia. Key reason why this site is so popular is Russian language as many visitors form neighborhood counties are also has recognized this torrenting site and frequently visiting it. Page link: is the biggest Latvian torrent tracker where possible to find content in Latvian language. This is a private torrent tracker and to get in you need to have invitation from already registered user. Once you get in you can enjoy a lot of file in Latvian. Page link: is one of the oldest torrent trackers in Latvian. Torrent website was established in 2009 and till these days offers music, movies, games and other torrent files in Latvian, English and Russian language. Page link: is a Latvian torrent tracker which offers registered users to download music and movies in Latvian language in high quality. This site is proud of the fact that the files offered exclusively in Latvian language. Page link: is Latvian torrent tracker which offers registered users to download movies and music in high quality Latvian language files, as well as a wide range of content in Russian language. Page link:

Latvian torrent trackers history

Since 2009, the Latvian authorities began to fight copyright infringement, which has contributed to a number of large and popular Latvian torrent trackers closing. Various portals tried adopt to new challenges and to re-register their operations under the other domains and use a remote servers to stay online. However, not all Latvian torrents managed to survive.

Latvian torrent trackers quantity by year (2005 - 2016)

Latvian torrents - chart

In chart we can see that Latvian torrent growing time was from 2006 to 2009, when was the largest number of newly open torrent pages. However, from 2009 torrent website quantity is decreasing from year to year. is one of the oldest Latvian Russian-speaking audience torrent tracker. This website provides a large amount of anime content. This Latvian torrent tracker started its established in 2009. was one of the few Latvian torrent sites where you could exchange with torrents without registration and it was free of charge. With this approach, the torrent tracker got quick visibility and Latvian torrent ranked top of the torrent tracker list. is the new website address of the closed Latvian website. This torrent tracker continued its activities from 2013 till mid-2016. Here you could download all torrents without registration the same way it was in previous location.

Outlaw Latvian torrent tracker had been operating since 2006, and was quickly ranked to Latvian torrent top sites. This tracker has free registration and offered a wide range of local and foreign torrent downloads. is a new Latvian torrent address since 2009 and become one of the most popular Latvian torrent tracker. To use this tracker you cannot be passive in order to obtain the rights to download music or movie torrents.

Advanced BitTorrent Tracker (ADVBT) was long-life torrent tracker which stopped its operations in 2014 after the economic police invitation. ADVBT website contains music, games, movies torrent files in Latvian and other languages.

One of the biggest local Bittorent resources of the Russian-speaking audience was Movies in Russian and other Russian torrents were available to registered users of torrent site.

FileBase was one of the largest torrenting sites by number of registered users for Latvian Russian-speaking audience. This website provides a large amount of films in Russian, as well as many other Russian torrents. was popular Latvian torrent tracker. Website managed to get around ~ 17'000 registered users. This tracker had large torrent catalog with daily added new movie, music or game torrents mostly in English and a little in Russian language.

The second oldest Latvian torrent tracker is online since 2005. I had large number of active registered users, high-quality international torrents files, including Latvian torrents. Had high place in Latvian torrent tracker website rankings. was the largest and oldest Bittorent torrent resource Latvian Russian-speaking audience with 20,000 registered users. It had mainly films in Russian, but also had access to other Russian torrents. was the largest Latvian Russian-speaking audience torrent website. At torrent website was Russian films, as well as many other Russian torrents such as music, games and software.

Latvian torrent trackers pages had ~17'000 registered users and offered different content such as movies, games, music content in Latvian, English and Russian. the Latvian Russian-speaking audience torrent tracker with ~24’000 registered users. Torrent tracker provided mostly Russian movies in high quality. BitTorrent tracker with almost 20,000 registered users provided a wide range of Latvian and Russian torrent movie content. Page started its activities in 2007. is Latvian torrent website which was slowly growing since 2009. Torrent tracker offers all the popular torrent file categories. Latvian torrent tracker is operating since 2006, and was quickly reaching Latvian Top 10 biggest torrent trackers. This tracker has quality content with torrents Latvian and they were regularly added new torrent files.