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Torrentz2 is currently one of the most popular torrent search sites without registration. It is a new address and a copy of the pages, which was best torrent pages in the world for a while. Torrentz2 database has a large amount of torrents information from many different trackers around the world, which makes quite easy to find any torrent you are interest in. Torrentz2 search engine claims that it has more than 60 million indexed free download torrents from almost 130 million pages.

Alexa ranking:355
SimilarWeb ranking:858
Monthly visitors:61.5M*
* Visitor data from
* Alexa and Similarweb global ranking data

This website looks like legit replacement of original torrent search site and it has quickly collected huge internet traffic from all over the world. It’s clean design and free, fast and powerful meta data search is one of the grates tools currently available. This site biggest search volume came from movies searches; video files also have the biggest percentage of meta torrent information for this file category.

At movies it is possible to find from low quality video to 4K video quality just released movies. Most of website visitors came from India and the second biggest country visits are from USA base on SimilarWeb analytics data. As Torrentz2 search engine getting more popularity day by day it could have similar problems as one of the best torrent search sites such as had, domain name could be blocked in many countries. But you always can search on internet for Torrentz2 alternatives proxy addresses or be more secured with VPN provided services.

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Torrentz2 torrent Search Engine Site