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TorrentLeech is a invite-based torrent site and one of the top torrent sites with signup requirements. Only website members has access to unlimited torrent database of movies, games, music and many other unique torrents and download them. As content is not available on internet this torrent sites is very popular for United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other English speaking country visitors.

Alexa ranking:7'156
SimilarWeb ranking:13'070
Monthly visitors:6.8M*
* Visitor data from
* Alexa and Similarweb global ranking data

To get TorrentLeech invite you have to get in touch already someone who has membership. Defiantly it is worth try to get access to this popular torrent sites and download high quality torrents in reliable website including torrent file community.

Website is secure and well designed for satisfying millions of users. Just the biggest challenge is to get invitation.

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