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YourBittorrent torrent website is a fast, secure, free and powerful torrent search engine. In its database is not possible to upload .exe files that can be harmful to your computer, but you can always download here high quality music and movie torrents. YourBittorrent movies are always updated with latest releases and short torrent file descriptions. has a simple design similar to many other popular torrent websites like TorLock and LimeTorrents.

Alexa ranking:4'954
SimilarWeb ranking:14'756
Monthly visitors:6.9M*
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* Alexa and Similarweb global ranking data

Beside YourBittorrent movies you easily can also download TV series, games, anime and eBook torrents. Usability of site is on high level but with a little bit annoying advertisements. This website has some issues with copyrights and it is blocked in countries like Portugal and United Kingdom.

The safest option how to unblock YourBittorrent site would be using VPN services or not so safe for you to searching some proxy addresses. Anyway this website is used monthly by millions of people and it could be good alternative to find something you are looking for Saturday evening and download from for free.

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