TorrentProject torrent website is a torrent search engine collecting music and movie torrents data from over 250 torrent trackers and sites, including such popular torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent torrent sites. TorrentProject metasearch site provides instant access to more than 8 million torrent files to find movies for any taste. This website has clean and simple interface with high performance search tool and many visitors from India, United States and UK.

Alexa ranking:97'157
SimilarWeb ranking:105'928
Monthly visitors:0.5M*
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Unlike other similar websites Torrent Project search not only for torrent titles but also find files inside torrent files at it's Bittorent’s DHT network. It could be one of the fastest and most popular torrent search engine currently worldwide. Millions of users are using this website and downloading different files online. movies are provided with short description, information about file quality and several screenshots to evaluate its quality before torrent file downloading.

In 2014 United Kingdom has made decision to block access and some other countries consider to do the same way. To unblock TorrentProject search engine you have to use proxy or more safe VPN services. Search and download files for free with this quick and well established torrent site like Torrentz2 search engine website.

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