Most Popular Russian Torrent Sites

Find the best Russian torrent sites of 2024. In Russia P2P file sharing is well developed and also extremely popular as not many efforts are done for copyright protection. Most Russian torrent torrenting websites require registration and have forum based design. Here is a latest Russian torrent site list with updated torrent trackers information. Find yourself Russian music torrents or movies and download them imidiatly.

Russian Torrenting Sites of 2024
Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Registr. Status
1. Rutracker 80.1M Yes Online
2. LostFilm 29.7M Yes Online
3. Rutor 24.1M No Online
4. NNM Club 19.2M No Online
5. Kinozal 18.2M Yes Online
6. Fast Torrent 17.6M No Online
7. Torrent-Games 10.9M No Online
8. Torrentino 8.9M No Online
9. Tfile 6.6M No Online
10. MegaShara 4.1M Yes Online
11. Tapochek 3.9M Yes Online
12. HDReactor 2.8M No Online
13. AniDUB 2.5M Yes Online
14. PiratBit 2.4M No Online
15. NNTT 2.2M Yes Online
16. Big Torrent 1.9M No Online
17. Top Torrent 1.5M No Online
18. Free Torrents 1.3M Yes Online
19. RiperAM 1.1M No Online
20. RG football 1.1M Yes Online
21. Torrent Soft 1.0M No Online
22. BigFANGroup 0.99M Yes Online
23. BlueBird 0.98M Yes Online
24. RUS-media 0.85M No Online
25. Uniongang 0.68M Yes Online
25. GoldenShara 0.64M Yes Online
26. SoundPark 0.63M No Online
27. Katushka 0.55M No Online
28. Bitru 0.53M No Online
29. RapidZona 0.16M No Online
30. Torrent Baza 0.12M No Online

* Users data taken from

Top Russian torrenting websites

Russian torrent sites

During last year’s there were several changes for Russian torrent sites due local government try to block most popular sites. Unfortunately for some sites it was critical but some of them even became stronger after this action. People are smart and start using different mirrors and proxy addresses to access, find and download torrent files from favorite Russian torrenting sites in local Russian language. Most of the websites has similar structure and content, such as music, movies, software and games.

Torrent websites visitor habits are similar to global. While music torrents become less popular due well developed subscriptions services. Movie torrent file exchange become bigger as users would like to what movie sin better quality. High internet speed availability gave big impact on it.

Here you can find top russian torrent sites with summarized descriptions:


RuTracker is the biggest and best torrent trackers with widest file catalogue. This Russian the best torrent sites has large forum community and detailed torrent files descriptions. Even from time to time this site is blocked inside Russia; still this is the key source to millions of people for searching and downloading Russian torrents. Page link:

LostFilm website provides high quality movies and TV series. Also it has the largest quantity of TV series form all Russian torrent sites. Many international series are available here translated into Russian language. Page link:


Top Russian movie torrent sites -, provides thousands of new and old movies. Here is possible to find Russian classic movie torrents and translated Hollywood best-selling content. To download torrents sites registration is required. Page link:


Rutor torrent site is very famous in Russia as it does not require registration comparing the common popular torrents sites. Website has wide catalogue with all kind of files including games, movies Russian music torrents. Page link:

Fast Torrent

Fast Torrent is a second biggest torrent site without sign in. One of the benefits of this website is that users are writing movie reviews for recently seen videos and it has quite active forum for dissections. Page link:


Open type torrenting website Torrentino provides all type of popular torrent sites categories – movies, games and music. Due this Russian torrents site is quite popular most of the torrents are downloaded with high speed connection. Some movies are available to watch online without having a torrent. Page link:


One of best Russian forum based torrent tracker - has reach millions of monthly visitors and provides stable torrent file browsing and downloading with high speed connection. It’s catalogue has many Russian and international the most viewed movies. Page link:


Gaming torrent tracker Torrent-Games is a largest Russian source for Russian gaming fans. Here are available latest game torrents for all platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC) with deep reviews and dissections about them. Page link:


Megashara is a popular Russian torrent tracker with several millions of users. Even it has a lot of annoying advertisements it has a lot useful movies and games torrents for downloading. Page link:


Tapochek is a torrent tracker who specializing on gaming content. Its visitors are having good discussion about new games on PC and consoles. Tapochek provides latest game torrents and it is considered one of top Russian gaming source. Page link:


HDReactor torrent site offers high quality torrents files from HD even till Blu-Ray quality movies. Beside movies here is available series and other interesting video stuff. Page link:

Torrent Baza

Open type torrent site Torrent Baza provide access to music, games and movies in Russian language. All P2P files are with good quality descriptions and other useful information. Page link:


Universal torrent website RiperAM is sharing all popular file types for free. Site has quite a lot advertisement on its website still no problem to deal with it. Content is good and qualitative. Page link:


More than 2 millions of users is visiting popular Russian torrent site PiratBit. It has regular category structure with audio, video and software content. Page link:


Popular torrent tracker Katushka is sharing good quality files with high speed doe it loyal visitors from Russia and other Russian speaking countries. One of its differentiation points from similar sites is availability of unique sport category with major sport competition event torrents. Page link:


Anidub is a largest anime website in Russia who has also built-in torrent tracker for registered users. It could be the best Russian torrent site to search anime torrents with content from all over the world. Page link:

RG football

Unique and best Russian sport torrent tracker RGFootball has wide content availability for different sport events. Main focus is on Football game records in high quality. If you have missed important game, here could be the first place to visit for downloading video via torrents. Page link:


Under Russian music website SoundPark is added own music tracker where is possible to find most of popular music in Russia. Visitors can download music torrents in high quality with club, pop, classical and popular music genre. Page link:

Russian torrent pages that no longer works

Several Russian torrent pages face some challenges and try to overcome them with migration of domains names or server location change. However, not all torrent sites managed to survive.


HDClub movie tracker has thousands of movies primary available in high HD quality. Animation, comedy or horror movies from Russia and other countries are available in well categorized torrents for downloading. Close site in 2017.