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ExtraTorrent.cc torrent site was introduced in 2006 and step by step increased monthly visitors and nowadays become the world's largest torrent site with 1/8 visits from United States and many Extratorrents UK visits even it is blocked. Its has about 170 million visitors per month, which puts this torrent website for 207 position in the world by Alexa analytics data. This site has an excellent informative movies torrents library, where you can evaluate the quality of the file before torrent file is downloaded. New music, games, books and movie torrents without registration are offered daily. In May 2017, ExtraTorrent decided close its activity, without providing any detail or an apparent motive. The only message sent out was to “stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones.”


ExtraTorrent bittorrent network search site has easy navigation for content with well-developed a thumbnail-based system. It is important to mention that uploaders tell about the health of the torrent files, and let you know info about downloaded torrent seeds and leeches. Popular movies and games torrents have a lot of comments helping to get expectation before you start file downloading.

ExtraTorrent movies

ExtraTorrent.cc offer tons of free movie downloads on daily bases. Here you can find movies on any taste from popular comedies to documentary films. As one of the largest metadata torrent databases in a world ExtraTorrent provides movie lists by genre, languages and video or audio quality. Most recent site update listed up movies in Ultra UD quality or movies in 4K to get best in class entertainment experience at home.

ExtraTorrent proxy and unblocking

As leading torrenting websites in a world ExtraTorrent.cc site is blocked in many countries due copyright issues. Also site has suffered from domain changes several times especially in 2015. As latest available information show that site has moved to new domain Extra.to. There is an information that in 2017 ExtraTorrent.cc has lost control over its main domain name for short time. The good news is this torrent website is managing and dealing with all stability issues. ExtraTorrent proxy or unblock keywords are searched in Google by lot of people from UK, USA, Canada, Australia as people love this website and would like to get an access. There are several websites who provides latest online proxy or mirror addresses, but our suggestion would be to use VPN services for ExtraTorrent.cc unblock. It is more safe and secure solution for your laptop private information.

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