Spanish Torrent Sites

Find the best Spanish torrent sites of 2017. Most of these P2P or torrent search engine websites do not required registration for torrent downloading. This torrent page information is regularly updated with the latest torrent tracker page URLs and other useful information. Find yourself Spanish music torrents or movies at biggest list of Spain torrenting sites which also has many visits from Argentina and Mexico. Downloading your interested Spanish torrents and see them in local language.

Spanish Torrenting Sites of 2017
Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Registr. Status
1. Mejor Torrent 25M No Online
2. EliteTorrent 18.1M No Online
3. DivxTotaL 15.8M No Online
4. GamesTorrents 6.8M No Online
5. SubTorrents 6.4M No Online
6. TumejorTorrent 6M No Online
7. DivxaTope 6M No Online
8. Mejor en VO 3.9M No Online
9. Newpct 3.1M No Online
10. MilTorrents 2.2M No Online
11. MoviesDVDR 1.4M No Online
12. Union Fansub 1.1M Yes Online
13. Bityouth 1M No Online
14. TodoCVCD 0.95M No Online
15. Bricocine 0.91M No Online
16. ZonaTorrent 0.91M No Online
17. EstrenosDivx 0.83M No Online
18. xBytes 0.66M Yes Online
19. PuntoTorrent 0.61M Yes Online
20. TodoTorrents 0.52M No Online
21. Series-Torrents 0.47M No Online
22. EliteFreak 0.26M Yes Online
23. Zen Torrents 0.22M No Online
24. TioTorrent 0.21M No Online
25. Borracho de Torrent 0.09M No Online
26. DameTorrents 0.09M No Online
27. HDBytes 0.07M Yes Online
28. Viva Torrents 0.05M No Online

* Users data taken from

Spanish torrenting websites

Spanish torrenting sites

Spain leading torrent trackers number of pages dynamically changing monthly. The local government is trying to fight against copyright infringement. Some of Spanish torrent sites are able to keep website alive for several years without disturbing and offer movies, music and other file sharing in Spanish language also for Mexico or Argentinian torrent explorers. The majority of Spanish movie torrent sites registration is not required for Spanish torrents downloading.

Mejor Torrent

Mejor Torrent currently is the most popular Spanish torrenting site also one of most visited websites in Spain. Mejor Torrent has simple interface with almost 60 thousand torrents such as movies, games and music which are daily updated. Page link:


EliteTorrent is one of the best torrent site to download Spanish torrents. It is 2nd biggest torrent website in Spain (ES) and it file library contains movies, series and music. Website interface is easy to use and it is optimized for Spanish movie torrents search. Page link:


DivxTotaL torrent site is a 3rd biggest Spain torrent sites with clean design. The biggest DivxTotaL advantage in compare with other Spanish torrent sites is that you can browse the films according to their genre. Page link:


GamesTorrents is Spanish gaming torrent site with many visitors from Argentina and Mexico. It torrent library contains all most popular gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox, PS, WII and others. Page link:


SubTorrents is a Spanish movie torrent tracker with latest movies from all over the world. This torrent website key benefit is large movie subtitle download availability in Spanish language so that you can watch movies in original sound. Page link:


TumejorTorrent torrent tracker is one of the largest sites in Spain. It’s main content focus is on movies and series, but you can find also other Spanish torrents here. TumejorTorrent probably is one of the most comfortable pages for P2P file searching. Page link:


DivxaTope is a classic Spanish torrenting website with main focus on movies and series. Well categorized Spanish movie torrent catalogue and smart user interface for fast movie search is available. Page link:

Mejor en VO

Mejor en VO torrent site could be the first place to search latest movie with Spanish subtitles. Fast and easy torrent downloading available in user friendly website design. Page link:


Newpct torrent tracker site has large database with latest local Spanish and foreign movie torrents in HD quality. Also there is large variety of other torrents such as games, software and Spanish music. Page link: