French Torrent Sites

Find the best French torrent sites of 2017. Unfortunately, most of these torrenting websites required registration for French torrents downloading. This site list information is regularly updated with the latest torrent tracker pages URLs and other useful information. Search yourself for French movies torrent or music at biggest list of French torrenting sites which also has many visits from Belgium and Canada. Downloading your interested files and see them in local language.

French Torrenting Sites of 2017
Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Registr. Status
1. Torrent9 39M No Online
2. T411 37M Yes Online
3. Cpasbien 28.6M No Online
4. ZeTorrents 3.7M No Online
5. NexTorrent 2.4M No Online
6. Lien Torrent 1.7M No Online
7. Elite-Tracker 0.93M Yes Online
8. Ethor 0.57M Yes Online
9. OMGTorrent 0.53M No Online
10. QcTorrent 0.44M Yes Online
11. MegaTorrent 0.33M No Online
12. FrenchTorrentDB 0.22M Yes Online
13. Jeux Torrent 0.18M No Online
14. HD-Only 0.18M Yes Online
15. Limit of Eden 0.13M Yes Online
16. Freedom-HD 0.12M Yes Online
17. Mononoke BT 0.03M Yes Online
18. PlanetDoc 0.02M Yes Online

* Users data taken from

French torrenting websites

French torrenting sites

French leading torrent trackers number of pages dynamically changing day by day. The government is trying to fight against copyright infringement. Some of French torrent sites are able to keep website live for several years without disturbing and offer french movies, music and other file sharing also for Canada torrent explorers. The majority of French torrenting sites require registration for downloading french torrents.


Torrent9 currently is the most popular French torrenting website also has many visits from Belgium and Canada. It torrent library contains almost 2 million torrents and it is possible to download them with high speed due such big popularity of this torrent tracker. Page link:


T411 torrent sites is one of the biggest torrenting websites in French language. It has easy to use search system to find movies, games or music torrents very fast. T411 has forum with very active community of about 5,5 million members with discussions about torrent files you can download. Page link:


Cpasbien provides big library of French torrents, especially movie FR torrents in French language. This website is one of the biggest tormenting sites in France where possible to find many files but not all of them has good quality of downloading speed. Page link:


ZeTorrents French torrenting site provides clean design with high website speed in combination of wide torrent catalogue with movies and other useful staff such as games and music in French language. Page link:


NexTorrent torrenting site offers simple design with high speed torrent catalogue browsing. NexTorrent offers only high quality French files and it is possible to download torrents without registrations. Page link:

Lien Torrent

Lien Torrent site is certainly one of the most popular French public torrent sites. You can find there most popular file categories with short file descriptions as well as movies are categorized by genre which looks very helpful. Page link:


Elite-Tracker is biggest private torrent tracker for French torrents. It contains a lot of HD and Blu-ray quality content which is perfect for home entertainment systems with big TV screens. Page link:


Ethor is a private torrent tracker with a lot of movies, TV, music and games content in French language. Torrents can be downloaded with great speed especially from Canada as most of website users are from there and torrenting in Canada goes here. Page link:


OMGTorrent torrent tracker is a good place to search for high quality videos such as French movies, series. Despite old design with no changes from 2008 this French torrent site is used by many people. Page link:


QcTorrent torrent tracker is one of the most enjoyable to surf for French torrents. To access this private torrent site you will have to pay or be invited by a member. Torrents are very well classified by categories such as French movies, music, books or other stuff. Page link:


MegaTorrent is popular torrent site from France but it also has many visitors from Belgium and Canada. Its main content focus is on movies. Here you can find latest torrent files in French language and enjoy movies in HD quality. Page link:


FrenchtorrentDB is a private torrent tracker which was very popular for a long time in France. Some time ago it was closed and appeared with new address and clean database but similar design and structure as old one FrenchtorrentDB site has. Page link:

Jeux Torrent

Jeux Torrent site is not the biggest one but its main focus is on game torrents. Here you can find a lot of torrent content for PC, PS or Xbox. Jeux Torrent site content is fresh as it regularly updated with latest releases. Page link:


HD-Only is a privet torrent tracker from France. It has high file sharing standards as only HD quality movies and TV files can be accepted by torrents site admins. HD-Only private tracker requires registration is mandatory. Page link:

Limit of Eden

Limit of Eden is another privet torrent tracker with good community and file sharing availability. Currently it is almost impossible to get in there as limits of this French torrent tracker was reached already for some time. Page link:


Freedom-HD torrent site is well organized private French torrent tracker with high quality torrent files. In its closed community where you can find a lot of movies, music or many other torrent files you would search in French language. Page link:

Mononoke BT

Mononoke BT private torrent tracker primary provide Anime content with closed community under login form and it has a lot loyal Mononoke BT users. Page link:


PlanetDoc is a private French torrent tracker with many e-learning content such as video tutorials and documentary movies torrent file sharing. Page link: